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1. To engage parents in lab-sites at the end of each cycle so that they understand how to use goal-setting, toolkits and feedback to reinforce learning at home. Family & Community Ties 2. To weave listening, speaking, writing and reading skills and strategies across all subjects throughout the day. Rigorous Instruction 3. To provide feedback to the class based on the previous day's exit slip during the "Connection" part of the lesson. Rigorous Instruction 4. To promote student independence through the use of anchor charts, student toolkits, partnership/collaborative groupings, student-led small groups. Enrichment Clusters so that students are able to self/peer assess. Rigorous Instruction 5. To improve reading comprehension and vocabulary. Rigorous Instruction 6. To improve conferencing notes so that we hold our students accountable for using the feedback given to them. Rigorous Instruction 7. To improve teacher teams so that we use and know research-based protocols, analyze and align student work with assessment checklist and feedback so that we can group students and prepare tasks that are at multiple entry points. SWDs, ENLs, Bottom Third and Enrichment students. Collaborative Teachers 8. To build teacher leadership capacity by giving teachers opportunities to lead in different ways- lab sites, teacher teams, study groups, student activities, walkthroughs. Effective School Leaderships 9. To allow students to make revisions based on specific feedback aligned to an assessment checklist. Rigorous Instruction 10. To implement the School-wide Enrichment Model (Renzulli/GoQuest) through the use of Exploration, Inquiry and Projects. 11. To increase student achievement through personalized learning through the use of Lexia Learning and Pathblazer.

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